23/07 - 12:00 TO 14:00

Belle Vediglione


The Art of Birth: Unleashing the Power of Birth Photography

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Join us for “The Art of Birth: Unleashing the Power of Birth Photography” workshop, led by renowned photographer Belle Verdiglione. In this transformative workshop, we will delve into the healing power of photography and how it is increasingly becoming a popular choice for capturing the raw and profound moments of birth. Discover the immense value that birth photography can bring to the birth experience, not only for the birthing individuals and their families but also for the broader community. We will explore themes around epigenetics, recognising how the visual documentation of birth can create lasting imprints, honouring and shaping future generations. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to explore the artistry and significance of birth photography with one of the industry’s most respected photographers.

Part of the workshop includes a birth simulation where Belle will demonstrate how she works in the birth space. This is the perfect opportunity to get out your camera gear and practice shooting with a real-life pregnant model who will be “labouring”. 

Whether you’re an aspiring birth photographer or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your craft, this workshop offers a transformative experience. Be prepared to elevate your skills, expand your creative horizons, and leave with a newfound confidence in documenting the incredible journey of motherhood. 


Belle Verdiglione is your break-the-rules business and mindset coach, podcaster & founder of Camera Queens, a photography community for female and non-binary creatives.

Belle trail blazed her way in a genre that was almost unheard of, birth photography, photographing hundreds of births over 8 years. Her award-winning birth images have been featured worldwide, including for a UNICEF television commercial, a Colgate advertisement and published in New Idea. After shooting her final birth in 2020, Belle discovered her love of teaching and now mentors’ photographers, running in person workshops and retreats and through her online signature program, Camera Queens.

Her ethos and mission is supporting photographers to create a profitable and sustainable business that allows their own gifts to shine. The world needs more women with a fire ignited within them and Belle is here to hold space and advocate for women everywhere that their voice matters and they are worthy.

You can still find Belle behind the lens exploring, learning, and creating magic in her own unique way and brand of photography, Potent Identity®; a genre of photography Belle coined herself that is wild, raw and captures the divine feminine, allowing her muse to be their own powerful inspiration.


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