Upstairs Room Sessions

$8 Presale / $12 on the Day

Dave Le May

9.00-9.40 Tales of a Cinematographer

From Arri to Red, Canon Cinema Eos, Sony FX Series and Panasonic Lumix, hear from the DOP’s perspective on the latest gear in the world of a cinematographer.

Simone Addison

10.10-10.50 Creative Portraits

Simone will explain her process of capturing a fine art portrait, the editing process and the final print.

Rachel Callander

11.20-12.00 Fine Art

From a lockdown Gin and Tonic to a successful solo exhibition. Follow the sparks of creativity and inspiration.

Seva Mozhaev

12.30-13.10 Tik Tok for Business

How to attract the next generation of audience to your brand through the power of TikTok and other fast moving social media platforms. The power of vertical video, short-form story telling is here.

Garry Sarre

13.40-14.20 Film, The Quality!

12 interesting FILM images from a 40 year fashion, advertising and commercial career, and the techniques used to create them.

James Simmons

15.00-15.40 Weddings

Hear the stories behind the images, the philosophy, aesthetic choices and process that goes into creating great images of people.

downstairs Room Sessions

$8 Presale / $12 on the Day

Mark Brierley

09.20-10.00 Commercial/Architectural

Explore the possibilities of Architectural Photography, from Art to the art of telling a story with concrete.

Shelley Pearson

10.30-11.10 Bird Photography

Yes, it is all about the light! Do you ever get bored with your bird photography? Would you like some tips on how you can create beautiful images while in the field? Then this talk is for you! Shelley will inspire you to look at taking photos creatively using the light, which can add another dimension to your photography.

Hugh Brown

11.40-12.20 World’s Most Dangerous Mines

In this talk Hugh takes us all on a journey to some of the poorest places in the world and brings back images of a huge section of the third world that most people have never heard of.

Chris Saunders

12.50-13.30 Landscape

Land, Sea and Air – Capturing the world from different perspectives

Alex Cearns

14.10-14.50 Pets and Wildlife

In one of our inspirational lecture sessions, Alex will share how she approaches the difference between studio and natural light. Find out more about how she lights her subjects, her favourite gear and how she approaches dealing with the difficulties of shooting animal subjects.

Duncan Barnes

15.20-16.00 Live Music

From the raves of the late 1990’s to the big stages of international music giants. Get taken on a journey of what it’s like to photograph live music performance with plenty of images and anecdotal, often humorous moments in a life of music photography.

Workshop Sessions

$65 Pre-sale / $95 on the Day

Hilary Adamson

09.00-11.00 Baby Workshop

Come along behind the scenes of a newborn shoot with a multi-award winning newborn photographer. Hilary will share tips and tricks posing and styling a newborn baby model.

Nick Melidonis

09.30-11.30 Lightroom

Lightroom is the software of choice for photographers that want a fast, easy and intuitive workflow to edit their images.

Stan Davies

10.00-12.00 Faces and Crowded Places

Learn how to photograph: People in their work environment and public events. Capture candid portraits. Record perspective, composition and balance of busy markets, street scenes and interesting events. Plus Camera kit essentials for photographing Faces and Crowded Places.

Jon Miller

13.00-15.00 Burlesque

A discussion on the genre of nude photography, the photographer and how one sets up for a nude photography session, what to expect from the models and what and where can the images be seen. The discussion will cover from the early days of nude photography to present.

Clinton Bradbury

14.00-16.00 Sports

Come and learn the tips and tricks of a sports photographer. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the lens at sporting events? Do you want to capture better images at sporting events? Then you need to make this talk a priority.

Fabrizio Lipari

13.30-15.30 Capture One

In a Live Demo of Capture One – Professional Photo Editing Software. Watch as Fabrizio can demonstrate how to unleash the power of your images.
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