Natasja Kremers


The things I’ve come to value as a wedding photographer for 25 years

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She is Kremers. A child of the 70’s and 80’s she spent her childhood in the Netherlands and Belgium before settling in Perth, Australia in late 1986. She has a strong connection to her homeland and travels back often. Her work is greatly influenced by her mother and grandfather, both artists, and the many travels to galleries in the Netherlands and surrounds with her father who was a modern art collector. Trained in film she has been a photographer for 30 years and is still very passionate about it. Kremers has travelled extensively for her commissions and was invited to speak multiple times and to host and develop workshops at various COMMON FOLK events, an initiative by close friends she feels grateful to be a part of.  She is excited about exploring more personal work in the next few years, giving back, and collaborating with fellow creatives such as DOLLZ whilst still capturing lovers, photographing like a rebel WITH a cause.

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