Sunday 4.55pm

Tony Hewitt

Fine-Art Aerial Photography

Join Tony Hewitt as he take us on an aerial adventure beyond shutter speeds and light readings. In this exploration of aerial photography, Tony will share some of his thinking around preparation, technique, safety and personal style, as he shares the philosophies behind his beautiful fine-art imagery. 

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Understanding what makes a great aerial image is much more than shutter speeds and camera settings. In this session our house Tony takes us inside his mind to take a closer look at his preparation, technique, creating concepts, and keeping safe up in the air. His thought-provoking philosophy to fine art photography is sure to leave you feeling inspired and eager to take your aerial photography to the next level!


Tony Hewitt


2013 Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Tony Hewitt has exhibited either solo or jointly in over 40 exhibitions. With a passion for people and places, and an instinctive sense of the moment, Tony embodies a unique combination of award winning fine-art imagery and simple creativity. He is regularly invited, as an exhibiting artist or keynote speaker, to share his photographic vision and the philosophy behind it.

“What we ‘see’ often goes far beyond what lays before us. Echoes of our experiences, and recognition of the ‘real’ & ‘perceived’ within the landscape resonate within us, releasing instinctive responses and emotional stirring, Color, Texture, Tone & Form provide the language by which we express our narratives. In the pursuit of excellence in image making, Tony constantly strives for the highest level of honesty in his translation of this expression!

His photographic journey has seen him explore the genres of Fine Art, Landscape, Portrait, Commercial and Aerial Photography, in 2017 he collaborated on the Girt by Sea Project, one of the most ambitious fine-art aerial photography projects ever undertaken in Australia, culminating in a 100piece fine-art print exhibition and book.  He is widely sought after as a keynote presenter and mentor, both nationally and internationally, and is highly regarded for his ability to inspire and motivate others in the area of creativity and personal growth.

Tony is a Grand Master of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the AIPP, a Fellow of the NZIPP, & a Triple Master of WPPI (USA). His career highlights feature over 300 State, National and International awards, including as recently as January 2020 where he was awarded 2020 Photographer of the Year in the 16×20 print competition for SWPP (UK) .

He lives in Perth with his family, enjoys a glass of Drambuie, loves the beach and can still ride a skateboard

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