Ben Williams


Ben Williams is not your traditional Fine Art Photographer, he is also a Exhibition king! Did you know that his first one was all with iPhone photos? If you are thinking about putting an Exhibition together but unsure where to start, oh Ben got you covered. 


Ben Williams, the unconventional Fine Art Photographer and Exhibition King! Ben’s journey began with his first exhibition, yeeeears ago featuring iPhone photos, proving that creativity knows no bounds. Well,  he has improved heaps since then and done many, many exhibitions between that and now. Just last month, he wowed Perth with his latest exhibition, ” The Blank Canvas,” an extraordinary event showcasing his unique artistry and heaps of other artists as well. They had a person painting live during the event,  they  had musicians of all sorts preparing some of the most beautiful surprises for the crowd that attended. If you’re looking to boost your next artistic event and need expert tips on putting together a stunning exhibition, Ben’s got you covered. Learn from the best and transform your vision into a memorable showcase!

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