Saturday 9.15Am

Craig Semetko

Street Photography

This inspiring event will cover Craig giving a presentation of his photographic journey including sharing the story of meeting Elliot Erwitt Magnum Photographer, and discussing his book Unposed.

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Good photographs are tough enough to shoot. Really funny ones are even harder. Good and funny photographs observed in nature not arranged or manipulated but simply observed in real time with amazing consistency, constitute a minor miracle now presented in Mr. Semetko’s book…In my book he is the essential photographer. That is, the one who sees what others could not have seen. 

For much of his adult life Semetko was a professional comedic actor and writer, be prepared for an event of laughs education and inspiration!


Craig Semetko is one of the best known contemporary street photographers  His work has been published in numerous books and hangs on the walls of galleries and homes all over the world. He’s also a really terrific guy and and excellent raconteur so sign up for a half hour of interesting anecdotes and photographic advice. Craig Semetko became a professional comedy writer and performer after college and years later discovered photography as another means of storytelling. His comedic background has given him a highly developed sense of the absurd and ironic, resulting in a strong theme of humor throughout his work.

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