Duncan Barnes

Live music and performance: From underground raves to commercial arenas.
From the raves of the late 1990’s to the big stages of international music giants. Get taken on a journey of what it’s like to photograph live music performance with plenty of images and anecdotal, often humorous moments in a life of music photography.   
While photographing for a local newspaper in the late 1990’s I began moonlighting as a photographer in the local rave scene. On the cusp of dance music transitioning from underground scene to mainstream performance, I was there to observe and capture those changes. It wasn’t just a job but a lifestyle that led to a lifelong involvement in photographing all forms of live music and performance. This talk will cover that timeline and offer up anecdotal moments of a life spent photographing the live music scene.


Dr Duncan Barnes is the coordinator for the Photomedia Major at Edith Cowan University. While all facets of photography are taught within the program, an arts-based discourse informs the direction of the course. Duncan remains active within the photographic community giving talks on all aspects of photographic practice. For his own photographic practice, he is best known for his work within in the music industry; photographing live international performances for major venues and promoters and artists as they tour across Australia. 
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