23/07 - 10.40-11.10

Dylan Alcock

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Join Dylan Alcock as he unveils the unique world of aerial photography. Discover the artistry and technical intricacies involved in capturing stunning images from the sky. Through compelling visuals, gain insights into the unique challenges, equipment, and creative perspectives that make aerial photography a truly captivating art form.

Drawing from his extensive expertise, Dylan delves into the challenges and rewards of aerial photography. He discusses the intricacies of selecting the perfect vantage points, working with unique lighting conditions, and composing striking aerial shots that tell compelling stories.

Dylan will explore the art of storytelling through aerial imagery, discussing how perspectives from above can evoke emotions, emphasize patterns, and reveal hidden narratives.

This talk is not only for photography enthusiasts but also for those who appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of our world. Join Dylan as he inspires you to explore the limitless possibilities of aerial photography, encouraging you to soar to new heights and capture extraordinary moments from a breathtaking perspective.


Dylan is a commercial photographer and founder of West Beach Studio, a production company based in Perth. With a passion for travel and the outdoors, he captures authentic moments using natural elements and light. His work has taken him on exciting collaborations with renowned brands such as Tourism Western Australia, Tourism Australia, Ironman, and more. Dylan’s portfolio reflects his dedication to blending work and life, creating visually captivating narratives that transport viewers to remarkable destinations and evoke genuine emotions.

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