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Erica is looking forward to sharing her experience in the wedding industry, the changes and growth it’s gone through. Erica’s business journey spanning 22 years in the wedding industry and what it looks like now. It’s gone through so many changes in that time frame, having started before digital even existed. What the business looks like now is wildly different to even a few years ago. Learn how to change and adapt your wedding photography from a woman of passion and love for weddings!

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Wedding & Family Photography. I’m a photographer of all kinds of love. Love for your partner. Love for your family. Love for your babies … even the furry kind. Love for your business and life. Professionally speaking, I established my business when I was just twenty years old. With twenty plus years experience in the photography industry, I’m as passionate as ever and always looking for ways to evolve. My love affair with photography started in Year 9 when the class was finally offered at my school. I aced all techniques and was top of the class. It’s this same pursuit of excellence that underpins my work today.

Clients who choose me as their photographer are attracted to my work due to the timelessness of it, and the real moments we create together.


I was born in a little town near Lake Como, northern Italy. We migrated to Australia when I was ten.
My Wife Nia and I have three fur-children. Two cats: Boris, a Blue British Short-hair, and Baxter, a Blue Point Ragdoll. And Cheezels the shar-pei. They make us smile every day, and I know my life would be boring and empty without them.

Even though I love weddings and milestone celebrations, I’m not much of a party girl. If I’m not working on a Saturday night then you’ll likely find me having a night in with the Wifey, or going somewhere nice for dinner!

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