Ian & Erick Regnard

Lighting Workhop

Ian & Erick Regnard “I can still hear the ocean in front of our place when I think about it! It’s something you never forget!

Passion for Lighting led to Ian&Erick opening, and designing a dedicated lighting studio, Fridays Studios in West Perth. With their intimate knowledge of lighting, and studios, they have brought a New York style studio to Perth.

The New York style warehouse Photographic Studio is located on Old Aberdeen Place in West Perth. Recently renovated by Ian & Erick, the space has been designed as a canvas for creativity, including characterful white textured walls, polished concrete floors and large sections of exposed brickwork. There are two main studio areas with Profoto lights, plus a large L-shaped cyclorama for major studio photography and filming requirements.


Erick and I, Ian, were born on the island of Mauritius and kind of grew with the acceptance that somehow we were lucky enough to have experienced the freedom to be kids… Influenced by the water adventures of Jacques Yves Cousteau, we started photography in the surfing industry, following a bunch of spoiled egocentric do-whatever-I-want kind of people all around the world and putting up with their antics. Little did we know that this was going to forge what we were good at – a youth orientated photography where we have the know how to speak their language.

And being twins has it’s benefit; Our relationship means everything! We understand each other, we feed off each other but most of all we challenge each other. This relationship thing also intriguely comes into our photography… We love the relationship with the sun, the ocean, the grit of the urban landscape and everything in-between – Models are great but genuine, authentic people are better!

What we mean about Genuine, Authentic? Well it’s like pulling into a garage and seing all these mechanics prancing around in Polo shirts. I mean what are they trying to sell?? Wouldn’t it be better to see the mechanic in some dirty dugaries? That tells that he knows he’s stuff right?

We question everything! We push the envelope to the point that some think we are crazy and maybe we are! Crazy enough to go the extra mile to create what we think is a great shot.

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