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Don’t miss Jed Lyall’s “How to Make Your Next Music Video” workshop at Photo Live Expo! Jed, the creative force behind Jed Lyall Productions, brings 8 years of experience as a photographer, videographer, director, and devoted music enthusiast. Known for his distinctive style that balances bright, bold statements with tender, timeless moments, Jed captures the essence of artists both locally and globally.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the secrets behind creating unique and compelling music videos. Jed will guide you through every step of the process, from conceptualizing your vision to mastering the technical details. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an artist looking to bring your music to life, this session is packed with valuable insights and practical tips.

Join us and gain inspiration from Jed’s passion for music and videography. Discover how his creative journey can help shape yours.


Introducing Jed Lyall, the man behind Jed Lyall Productions, an independently owned photography business spanning 8 successful years. Jed, a seasoned photographer, videographer, director, and devoted music enthusiast, captures the essence of artists locally and globally. Specializing in unique music videos Jed’s distinctive style oscillates between bright, bold statements and tender, timeless moments. Beyond the lens, he finds joy in drawing, gaming on his Switch, and cherishing family moments. His passion for both music and videography truly defines his creative journey.

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