23/07/23 - 9.50-10.20

Lauren Crooke


“We stand in our bodies and in our power with or without approval. In the name of art and liberation. We represent the fight for equality and the marginalised.”

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In this thought provoking talk, Lauren will share how she has used photography and her art as a medium to create impact and evoke powerful conversations around the country in her stand for women’s body autonomy. You will hear why her work has garnered media attention from Perth, to Melbourne, Sydney and Surfers Paradise featuring both locally and nationally in interviews on tv, radio and articles. Using parts of her speech from her extremely inspiring TEDx Perth talk that completely moved the audience in the room – some of them to tears. Lauren will share with the industry how she went from wanting to be a photojournalist because she wanted to make a difference with her photography, to realising she couldn’t pursue that dream and finding another way to create ground breaking photographs. Lauren’s work has changed the lives of hundreds – if not thousands – not just from those who attend the shoots but also those who view them and listen to her talks. She will be sharing some of those breakthroughs as well as the constant hurdles and rejections she faces trying to create these shoots. 


Perth nude photography artist and entrepreneur, Lauren Crooke, combines art with activism through her breathtaking and thought-provoking mass group nude photoshoots showing women and non-binary bodies how they deserve to be seen, as works of art through the female lens. Crooke has become a figurehead for women in the photography industry and uses her photography as her vessel to promote change. 

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