Luke Carter Wilson

Commercial Photography

Advertising Photography craft with Luke Carter Wilton

Following an introduction to his background in Advertising Photography & Post Production, Luke Carter Wilton discusses his creative problem solving philosophy and then talks through the technical process of crafting his finished imagery while showcasing recently completed projects. A journey that outlines the initial client briefing experience to the shoot and various in-house post production workflows that yield market-ready artwork.


With a 20 year career in Advertising Photography, Luke Carter Wilton’s work is grounded in his international Advertising experience and framed by his ability to conjure and direct a performance from anyone, be it inexperienced everyday people to Executives and talented actors.

A creative environmental portrait specialist, Luke’s distinct use of light and lens craft produce visually compelling & original images that evoke a sense of heightened dramatic atmosphere and emotion. Drawing on the granular details of human & environmental characteristics to invite viewers to pause and appreciate the world around us in new light, he thrives in deploying his craft skills for conceptual narratives.

Indeed he is happiest employing a diverse range of photographic techniques, often combining 3D CGI & live action photography in a rigorous postproduction workflow that convey a distinct & visually arresting style.

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