23/07/23 - 15.40-16.10

Nori Jemil


The beauty of travel photography is that we must react to what’s around us, often on the spur of the moment and in unknown territory –  and that, just by itself, can be thrilling.

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From people and landscapes to food and architecture, travel photographers have to do it all. And that’s what makes it such a competitive and interesting profession. Whether you’re working with magazines, tourist boards or online publications, the trick is to be mobile, flexible and thoroughly well-prepared. The right equipment is key to being able to capture a story under time constraints, delivering the commission on time in a way that’s ethical, creative and technically sound. From a single image that might make a double page spread or a front cover, to a series of shots that are linked thematically, this workshop will cover the main elements of a travel photographer’s work.


Nori Jemil is a London-based travel photographer, writer and videographer. Author of The Travel Photographer’s Way, her book was shortlisted for an Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award in 2022. Since 2018, Nori has been a course tutor and moderator for National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s Masterclasses, and she is a regular speaker at events.  Nori’s published across a range of publications, from National Geographic Traveller UK and BBC Travel to The Telegraph and Times Travel She is the regular photography guide for Australis Expeditions in Patagonia, and has also guided in Iceland and the Arctic, teaching filmmaking also in the UK. Her own award-winning images have been exhibited in London, Milan and Madrid. She studied photography in Santiago, Chile and has close family ties to Perth, where she spends a few months every year.

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