23/07/23 - 16:30-17.00

Roger Groom


As the world changes, so does the night sky.  Get excited about astrophotography with this look into recent astrophotography, what opportunities are coming up in 2022 and 2023, and tips on what equipment you need to capture your own piece of the infinite night sky.

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On Aril 20th 2023 the moon covered the sun for very a narrow strip of land and ocean on the Exmouth peninsular and surrounding waters. Tens of thousands travelled to the remote location to experience and photograph this rare event, made even rarer by this being an uncommon Hybrid Eclipse.


Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia travelled with his family to be a part of this spectacle, facilitating astrophotography workshops along the way and while in Exmouth, attending the Astrofest Exhibition while in Exmouth during the event, and of course photographing the solar eclipse.


Loaned a Canon R5 for the event thanks to CE and Canon Australia, this camera of choice was the right tool for the job. Roger will talk through the equipment he used, software and automation, configuration and of course show lots of photographic results.


Attend this to gain important insights aiding your preparation for the next total solar eclipse – 22nd July 2028. It will be here sooner than you might think!


 Roger Groom is a software engineer and astrophotographer from Western Australia. Roger has over 20 years astrophotography experience and has been active in the WA astronomy community with roles including Chairperson of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group. Roger has been curator of the Astrofest Astrophotography Exhibition 2020 – 2022 inclusive. Through is business Astro Photography Australia, Roger runs astrophotography workshops, enabling others to enjoy the night sky through photography. Roger also offers telescope hosting facilities through his business Astro Observatories Western Australia. 

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