Simon Cowling

But is it Art?

A discussion of what constitutes Fine Art photography, examples of photography that has been recognised as Fine Art, and how to decide if your photographs might qualify as such.

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Ever wanted to exhibit your work in a gallery, or just hang your favourite pictures at  home? Exercise your artistic streak for posterity, pleasure or profit. Photographer Simon Cowling has had a long career in both the commercial and art worlds of photography. Having had successful solo gallery shows and various commissions for art prints for the likes of University of Sydney and Marriott Hotels. He has also deigned,  photographed and published 12 of his own photo books. Simon will take you through some background of Fine Art Photography, talk about his own work and exhibitions, and give you guidance and advice on how to get your best work into a gallery or onto your own walls.


Simon has been a professional in the advertising, design and audio-visual industries for over 40 years. He has travelled extensively, photographing in many countries including Hong Kong, Greece, the Middle East, Spain, Italy, Africa, the United States, Canada, South East Asia and Sri Lanka.

Simon has photographed for numerous advertising campaigns, corporate publications, books and magazines, and has owned and run several large studios in both Perth and Sydney for fashion and advertising since the 1960’s. He is a photography educator, designing and running courses for the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney as well as founding Shoot Photography Workshops, Perth’s first independent photography school.

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