23/07 - 14:00 - 14:30

Stef King


Mastering Fashion and Editorial Photography: Capturing the Essence of Subjects

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Editorial portrait and fashion photography is an art form that goes beyond simply capturing a subject’s likeness. It aims to tell a story, convey emotions, and communicate a message through carefully composed images. In this talk Stef will explore the key elements and techniques that will help photographers elevate their editorial photography skills.

We will discuss research and preparation, building a connection with the subject, composition and framing, lighting techniques, Posing and direction, Location and Props, Post production, editing and how to deliver images to top magazines.


Stef King is a multi-award-winning photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Her work regularly appears in local and international magazines, advertisements and media campaigns. 

With a focus on creative photography, Stef’s feminine and natural style of photography come from the approach that every subject has a spark: “Every person in front of the lens has a story to tell, and I aim to draw that out in a single frame. It’s the in-between moments I look for on a shoot. That’s where I try to find the magic.” 

Growing up in the remote coastal towns of Australia’s west coast, the vast and isolated terrain offered the perfect environment for her young imagination – full of stories and characters – to run wild.

Stef’s personable, relaxed demeanour, combined with her ability to bring out the inner strength and beauty in women, has made her one of WA’s most favourite advertising and editorial photographers. Today she has photographed some of Australia’s best and brightest talents, from politicians and celebrities to athletes and supermodels, including Julie Bishop, Melissa George, Jessica Rowe, Jessica Gomez, Megan Gale and Nicole Trunfio. 

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