23/07/23 - 13:10 - 13:40

Stefan Gosatti

sports Photography

An Insight into Editorial Sports Photography

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During this talk I will be discussing the role of sports photography as a visual storytelling medium. Highlighting the importance of capturing defining moments, emotions, and narratives in sports.


Some key points that will be discussed…

  • Equipment and Techniques
  • Essential gear for sports photography
  • The importance of high-quality camera bodies and lenses for capturing fast-paced action.
  • Personal recommendations and insights on specific equipment.

Mastering timing and anticipation

  • Explain the significance of timing and how to anticipate key moments in sports.
  • Techniques for capturing decisive moments.

Unleashing Creativity in Sports Photography:

  • Exploring different angles and perspectives:
  • Encourage photographers to experiment with various vantage points.
  • Share examples of unique angles that can transform ordinary sports images into extraordinary ones.

Capturing emotions and human interactions:

  • Discuss the importance of capturing emotions, both on and off the field.
  • Share techniques for capturing raw and authentic moments that evoke emotions.

Following an Editorial Brief & Workflow:

Selecting and editing images:

  • Understanding and following the client brief.
  • The importance of careful selection and culling of images.
  • Personal workflow tips for post-processing sports photographs.

Preserving authenticity in post-processing:

  • The importance of maintaining the integrity and authenticity of sports images during editing.
  • Share techniques for enhancing images while preserving their natural feel.


Stefan Gosatti is a freelance editorial, lifestyle, commercial and sports photographer.

A working ‘gun-for-hire’ since 2001; on location and from his studio in North Perth.

Amongst many commercial clients, Stefan also works regularly for Getty Images, shooting runway fashion around Australia & New Zealand, and sport – as part of the WA’s based Getty team. He has been West Coast Eagles (AFL) team sports photographer since 2012.

From within his studio and/or location, he snaps portraits for the corporate and mining sectors of WA, aspiring actors and personal clients. He also shoots fashion, food, product and lifestyle advertising & editorial campaigns, for small to large WA, National and International businesses.

…in his spare time he rides motorbikes and cycles around Perth on his road bike .

He loves his job…


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