23/07/23 - 15:00 to 17:00

Taylor Edwards

“Light spaces, not faces!”
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Are you an aspiring filmmaker or videographer who is dissatisfied with the quality of your shots? Do you often find yourself wondering why your images don’t have that cinematic appeal seen in movies? If this resonates with you, then this workshop is perfect for you!


Join us in this immersive cinematic video lighting workshop where we will transform a hotel room into our very own film set. Throughout the workshop, Taylor Edwards will personally guide you through the process of lighting a scene using a combination of affordable and professional equipment.


Together, we will delve into crucial aspects such as exposure, framing, contrast ratios and essential troubleshooting techniques. By exploring various lighting setups, we will unlock the secrets to achieving a “cinematic” image. This should help enable you to elevate your work to a higher professional standard, while also providing you with a solid understanding of what pitfalls to avoid.


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your filmmaking skills and unlock the secrets to creating visually stunning cinematic shots. Reserve your spot now and embark towards better cinematic lighting!


Taylor is an Australian DOP/YouTuber, who has created commercial and creative work for multiple wel-known international companies. He has a background in lighting and has worked on music videos and short films.

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